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At Pelican, we have a firm belief that education is a dynamic experience. Learning can be an occasion for empowering and enriching your child's life experience. We hope the holistic learning experience at Pelican will be exciting and challenging, and provide good transitional support... Read More

blocksCommitted to excellence in care and education by striving to provide every child with opportunities to inquire, explore and develop their potential in a safe, holistic, challenging and nurturing learning environment... Read More

kid-readingWe believe that children are worthy individuals, and we value and respect the decisions and contributions that children make towards the curriculum... Read More



News & Events Archive 

Snow Princess

We had an enjoyable session with Sophia the snow princess on 13th December (Wednesday). Children experienced an interactive journey of adventure, Christmas cheer, festive fun, singing, dancing, magic and comedy. Please see the community page for photos/videos. Click HERE to view photos!

Happy Harold

We had an enjoyable session with Happy Harold on 1st December (Friday). During the interactive session, children gained a deeper understanding of feelings, emotions and how to be a ‘good’ friend. The specialist Educator from Harold used games, story-telling, puppetry, songs and discussions and the iconic mascot Health Harold (giraffe) in the delivery of the programme. Click HERE to view photos!

Cynthia Story-telling

Cynthia joined us on 20th November (Monday) for a story telling session. Rather than using books, Cynthia told her stories with the use of puppets, props, song and drama to share traditional and contemporary stories. She incorporated props from all over the world. We finished with a special Australian version of “The first day of Christmas” with Australian animals.

Dental Talk (November 2017)

We invited a dental practitioner from City Dental (from Stockland Shellharbour) on 16th November (Thursday) to share with the children dental health messages. Topics relating to teeth brushing habits and good dental practices were shared and discussed, with the help of her crocodile! Click HERE to view photos!

Mama African Drumming - November 2017

We had an enjoyable session with Carlo on 8th November (Wednesday). African drumming was introduced to the children with an aim to encourage respectful listening and responding. It also provided a safe framework for people to explore and change how they interact with one another. Click HERE to view photos.

Ascent Footwear and Athletes Foot [...]

We invited Mr. Paul Swaqed, a Manager from Athletes Foot Australia to visit the children on 7th November (Tuesday). The interactive session focused on the learning of feet, footwear and understanding of suitable sports shoes suitable for various sports typically undertaken in the “Big Schools”. Mr. Paul left a hopscotch mat with the Centre, to allow children to continue to learn about their feet and lower limbs. Click HERE to view photos!

Latest News & Events 

Easter 2018

During the early part of the month, we celebrated Easter. Children heard stories relating to easter bunnies, had bunny-face paintings, and engaged in creating easter crafts. Please click HERE for photos

Chicken and Duck Hatching

We had a fabulous 2-week (from 19th March to 29th March) chicken hatching experience, where children had the opportunity to witness the entire hatching process – from warming the eggs in the incubator, to eggs that start to wobble and chirping could be heard from within the eggs, to the actual hatching of the little chickens. Educators also used this opportunity to include life cycle development in the curriculum. Please click HERE for photos

Shellharbour City Dental

On 1st March (Wednesday, we had a visit from the dental service to discuss healthy dental practices. The ladies discussed how healthy /low sugar foods are the best option. They also gave a demonstration and discussed correct tooth brushing practices. The children were all given a small sample bag as well as a water bottle to take home. Please click HERE for photos

Librarian visit

We have invited a librarian from Warilla Library to visit the children on 28th February (Wednesday). The librarian engaged the children in interesting story-telling and promoted literacy by encouraging children to read.

Water safety talk

We invited specialist trainers from Shellharbour Swim Academy on 20th February (Tuesday) to share with children SWIMSAFE messages. Topics relating to water safety included the importance of supervision around water, rescue procedures, and the “Kids Alive do the 5” campaign.

Chinese New Year 2018

We celebrated the Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) in the mid week of February. Children assisted in the decorating of the service. Children were also given the traditional gifts of mandarin and red envelope with a treat enclosed. Creative activities included the use of lots of red and gold paining, and creating the Year of the Dog. Butterfly children explored pictures and videos to prompt discussions. We also enjoyed delicious spring rolls for afternoon tea.

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