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Pelican Pre-school
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Safe, holistic, challenging and nurturing learning environment
Respect and support sustainability of the environment
Respect for diversity and multiculturalism

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At Pelican, we have a firm belief that education is a dynamic experience. Learning can be an occasion for empowering and enriching your child's life experience. We hope the holistic learning experience at Pelican will be exciting and challenging, and provide good transitional support... Read More

blocksCommitted to excellence in care and education by striving to provide every child with opportunities to inquire, explore and develop their potential in a safe, holistic, challenging and nurturing learning environment... Read More

kid-readingWe believe that children are worthy individuals, and we value and respect the decisions and contributions that children make towards the curriculum... Read More


News & Events Archive 

Evie, the Xmas Elf

We have Evie, the Christmas Elf visit us on 14th December (Friday). She recreated the atmosphere of the wintery North Pole, and engaged the children to help her in her work as Santa’s assistants in visiting the boys and girls in different parts of the world. The show included interactive winter storytelling, magic tricks galore, beautiful singing, performer led group dancing and fun Christmas party games. Click HERE for photos

Mobile Dentist

A Mobile Dentist visited the children on 6th December (Thursday) and provided a dental care check up and an interesting dental health incursion. For many of the children, it is their first time they have their teeth examined. It was a great experience! Click HERE for photos

Librarian visit - Dec 2018

On 3rd December (Monday), the children enjoyed a wonderful session of story-telling by a visiting Librarian from the local City Library. Click HERE for photos

Maggie Moo Music

We have invited Maggie Moo to come by on 28th November (Wednesday). Jo entertained the children with simple music and songs to promote movement and cognitive skills. She provided 2 group experiences so that the Bumblebee and Butterfly groups could have age appropriate catered sessions. We ALL loved the bubbles at the end!

Healthy Harold

We had an enjoyable session with Happy Harold on 23rd November (Friday). During the interactive session, children gained a deeper understanding of feelings, emotions and how to be a ‘good’ friend. The specialist Educator from Harold used games, story-telling, puppetry, songs and discussions and the iconic mascot Health Harold (giraffe) in the delivery of the programme. Click HERE for photos

Shellharour City Council Worm [...]

We have invited a Shellharbour Council Officer to come by on 7TH November (Wednesday). The talk focused on the process and the benefits of composting, and what ingredients go into making wonderful compost that can be used in the garden and support sustainability. Click HERE for photos

Latest News & Events 

Simultaneous Story Time

Our excursion to Shellharbour City Library was also a huge success. It was fantastic to have all the children able to walk to the library to participate in the Simultaneous Story time. We sang, danced, watched a slide show on the big screen and then had the opportunity to join in with art and craft activity to make their own maracas. We also had some fun crafts and face painting activities to help us acknowledge and celebrate Autism awareness too. Click HERE for photos

Mother’s Day

We loved having our Mums coming to share a lovely afternoon tea and little pampering session with their children to celebrate Mother's Day. It was a huge success and we are sure both children and Mums alike. Click HERE for photos


Children going to Big School next year also had the opportunity to have their eyesight tested with the STEPS program that visited us on 11th April. STEPS is a government funded program which provides free eye screening for all the children who will attend kindergarten the following year. Click HERE for photos

Butterfly Enclosure

We had the Butterfly Enclosure experience visit us early in the Month. Children had the opportunity to have a hands -on experience with observing the lifecycle of the butterfly from chrysalis to hatching and letting the butterflies free. Click HERE for photos

Story Telling

We had Holly from Shellharbour City Library visit us Thursday 21st March. She read us some lovely stories as well as sang and danced and left us some craft activities to complete. We are liaising with Holly to coordinate some dates in the future where the children can visit the library for story time and craft activities there.

Australia Day 2019

For the week commencing 22nd January, we celebrated Australia Day. We incorporated our traditional Australian flag and our sporting flag into our colour recognition activities. The Butterfly room undertook activities involving images of Australian animals and icons for memory, pairing and other cognitive games We shared and discussed children's thoughts and ideas of what it means to be an Australian, as well initiating conversations about inclusiveness. As always, we recognise and honour the traditions and perspectives of our Indigenous communities and ancestors

Janet Harlow

6 Reasons Preschool Benefits Your Child

What immediately comes to mind whenever you think of preschool? Are you worried that your child is too young to be put into a structured environment? Are you concerned about how they will cope with separation?...Read More

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